Complete Home Automation

What if someone told you your home could come alive and think for itself?
It’s called home automation, and it’s not only the province of billionaires and techno-madmen.

EnCom Alliance Corp. is Long Island, NYC and the Metro Area's #1 source for residential and commercial automation systems.

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Home Automation

Wake up in the morning and from the touch of a button, start the coffee pot, turn on the lights, and open the blinds. Anything you can fathom, or wish to be able to do, you can.

One Ecosystem

Control all functions of a smart home from a touch-screen remote control. Access multi room audio systems, lighting controls, climate, and any hardware.

Automated Security

Go beyond traditional security systems with an EnCom internet enabled camera system. Our security system can permit or deny access or warn you of a fire. You are able to watch over your property and keep family and valuables safe from intruders.

Equinox preview

Use Any Smart Device

The Vantage Equinox app and accompanying in-wall touchscreens epitomize the ideal user experience by providing a remarkably simple interface for managing luxury environments.

Climate Control

Entirely Customizable and Personal

Dynamically personalize each iPhone, iPad and iPod or mobile Android device for any profile such as person, area, function or time.

The Power of Integration

Ordinary systems become extraordinary™